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Open targets provide online video tutorials in tamil. Our tamil video tutorials are very easy to learn for students and working peoples. Technology growth is very important for the modern life. Every year will introduce the new technologies and jobs in world wide. But most of the people are not having the time to learn these things. Many institutes are offer many courses but all are little bit expensive and it will be come on separated courses. But open targets offers all technology tamil video tutorials with single reasonable payment. Day by day we analysis the people understanding capacity and we will change the tamil tutorials explain methods. We hope we are the best tutorials providers in tamil language.

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Jose princely.S

Seo Sem Developer Hey.. I started SEO and SEM two and half years back and this is the only field where anyone can compete with any one and the ways are transparent. Learning SEO make you feel proud and your growth is obvious. Millions of people are looking for something in Google. SEO is the person tunes Google with strategies for refined results. All the best to all..
Have fun with SEO Open Targets Tutorials.

Mano Bala

UI Developer I am a UI developer with 4years experience. I enjoyed my work because I get a good salary package in very short periods. I am also doing freelance works which gives me extra income. A good user interface design is very critical part of the success of a product or Web site. If you would like to learn the user interface, then this open targets premium tamil video tutorials are for you.

Viswa Shanker

Web Designer Hi, I am viswa. I have completed my B.SC in Computer Science. I am working as web designer for 3 years. I earn extra income through freelance jobs in web technology. So if you want to earn through freelancing,join our Open Targets website and take web design video tutorials Lessons.

Ramesh Kumar

Flash Developer Hi, I am Ramesh, working as flash developer with over 4 years’ experience in IT. I love my job. This all opentargets tamil tutorials will be very useful for your career. If you take our lessons it will be very useful to land on your desired job soon.


3D Visualizer Hello, I am Anand, working as Visualizer. I am specialized in Maya and 3DS Max. Here I will be giving you, insight of the techniques which are currently used in the field right now. So please subscribe our open targets  online tamil video tutorials to learn something new.


Hey, I am a graphic design freelancer, i have cms website jobs from my client. So i taken plan, its very useful. They will be update new tamil video tutorials every month.


Hai, I am working in php. 3 years exp in this filed. Now i starting eCommerce video tutorials back office in open targets. I mainly focus on prestashop backend management, its amazing.


I learn to everything in opentargets. Its very useful for my career.


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